Aug 30, 2010
Hi All,

I have developed a website using drupal 6 and it is working fine and as expected. I also used the Clean Url facility there. and it also worked well. But when transferred the site to our dedicated server the clean url stop working. The server people says that the mod_rewrite is enabled but it still not worked. But then he say that we have suPHP on server so that may be a issue.

Please tell me if this is a issue and yes then how can i resolve this. Or what may be the other issue so the Clean urls are not working.

Please help me its very Urgent!!!!

Thanks in advance.



Mar 8, 2010
Marbella, Spain
We need a Drupal/cPanel whizzo here.

Hi Guys,

Sumit has gone home for the evening (he's in India, I'm in Spain) so I'm working the swing shift.

As Sumit has said, the "friendly ULR" module of Drupal calls for mod_rewrite, and everything works fine in our development environment. But, then we aren't hosting the domains in this server, they're really still just nodes.

The hosting company says that suPHP way be the problem, and they are now suggesting that we switch from suPHP to DSO.

Now none of this makes any sense to me, but I'm sure it does to you guys.

In any even, we have solved all of the other problems see:

Create accounts for 6,000 domains, Bulk Load In?

and we are ready to create all of our add on accounts, and change DNSs... but we do have to solve this last niggle.

Any Drupal heads listening in?

Thanks as always,