Duplicate files in Public-html due to special characters

Nov 1, 2012
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Hello everyone. I'm new here so I'd like to introduce myself :)
I am not a professional webmaster, but I like to create my own websites so I can have control over my system (please don't laugh). As I don't have much income, the only way to have websites is being a DIY. I have about 10 websites, most of them free hostings built with WYSIWYG and html. One is a Joomla site, and two are mainly html nested in RVSiteBuilder. So I have good knowledge of html (dreamweaver), and a bit of knowledge of php, css, asp, mysql, and SEO.

I have a problem with Cpanel files and RVSitebuilder that maybe some of you have already encountered and know how to solve. I have tried to find references in the forum but maybe my search parameters are wrong and nothing seems equivalent. I believe this is not a topic for RVSitebuilder forums because the problem is visible only in CPanel.

I have a website in Spanish originally built with the aid of RVSitebuilder. My error was to name menus and files with special characters (including Spanish accents and the letter "ñ"). As a consequence many files appeared in Cpanel with the special characters replaced by code. Later on I changed the names of those menus and files eliminating the accents and changing "ñ" for "n". That fixed most of the strange links I had making them more user-friendly.
However, after some time I noticed I had duplicate files in my Public-html folder for those files that had special characters, in example:

Apoyo_tecnol?gico.php (The ? sign is inside a black diamond).

These (?) files can't be deleted, nor can I change their names, download them or edit them.

Which seems to be the problem? Well, those files are old designs of my website so they include menus and links that send people to 404 pages. They also include some information that is no longer current, so some people can get misinformed.
How do I get to this conclusion? In Google webmasters tools I have been getting a series of Not Found 404s for pages that are not part of my website anymore, and when I look to see where they are linked from, these old pages come up.
Maybe these old pages are still in google’s cache although it’s been a long time since I modified this feature of my site, or google’s bots are picking up these duplicate files in Cpanel although they have been eliminated from my sitemap.
Now, I know 404s are not an issue with SEO, but it’s quite bothersome to still be getting 404s from those files considering I changed those names about a year ago, or maybe more.

Whichever the case, I would like to know why I can’t delete these files or edit them in any way? Has anyone seen something like this before?

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Apr 24, 2020
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I use DuplicateFilesDeleter, which is a free download. It allows you to look at two folders, side by side, and see if files are indeed identical, different, newer, older, etc... You can then select one file, either left or right side, and delete it. You can also copy a file from left to right or right to left, then delete the one you don't want.