Apr 2, 2013
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Root Administrator
Hello all,

I have recently picked up a new vps to put some of my sites on. The problem I am having is that when I "transfer account from another server" through WHM it doubles the disk usage of the account.
Example: site A use to be on server A. I now want it on server B (new vps). Both servers have cpanel/whm. Site A is 8.1 GB on server A. I go to the transfer from another server in whm and it transfers. Site A on Server B is listed as 8.1 GB after the move, however when I look in the "Disk usage" my disk usage went up 16gb. I have checked the root folder and home directory for cpmove files but came up empty handed.

Is there anyone out there that could shed some light on this issue? I have many more accounts to transfer but do not want them all to use double the space.