E-Mail Account Will Not Work


Jan 23, 2006
I recently upgraded my server at Thinktivity HST, and all seemed to go well. :) That is, until I realized my main e-mail account (admin) wouldn't work. It's just that email account, though. Another one I created for a friend, dawn@ works fine.

The strange part is:

1)- There's no error messages anywhere

2)- I can send mail from the old server to "[email protected]" and it works fine (forwards to username@outhost(.)org)

Is there a DNS problem somewhere i'm missing? If so, then why does it only affect one email account??? Also, i'm testing this using WebMail (Horde).

By the way, this is what it's supposed to to :): User sends email to "anything@thinktivy" then cPanel forwards their message to my Outhost.org mail (original name), and cPanel send the user an automated message ("thanks for contacting us").

Please Help.