E-Mail Filters Aren't Being Applied to Backscatter Bounces


Nov 21, 2004
The e-mail filters I set up in cPanel have no effect on backscatter (http://www.postfix.org/BACKSCATTER_README.html#wtf) bounces. For example, I have a filter set up to Discard messages where $h_X-Spam-Status: begins "Yes". The filter discards normal messages that are flagged as spam by Spam Assassin, but it lets through non-local bounce messages that are flagged as spam.

I do not have a line that says "if error_message then finish endif" in my valiases file.

I receive hundreds of backscatter bounces a day that should be discarded by my e-mail filters. This problem has been going on for several weeks.

Here's more information about why bounces shouldn't be sent by a mail server to non-local recipients: http://spamlinks.openrbl.org/filter-bounce.htm