E-mail forwarding help needed - copying catchall-bound mail to a separate address?


Sep 18, 2006
I currently run my robertandrews.co.uk e-mail and website on a UK host, Transnexis, which uses Plesk. It's a personal account, I'm the sole user. I have been building out a redesign for the website on asmallorange at www.blogwales.com and hope to switch everything over to asmallorange when I'm ready. However, I may have encountered a snag with the prospect of migrating my e-mail service...

(1) Currently, my old account is set up in such a way that the main e-mail account is [email protected] and any e-mail sent to any username @robertandrews.co.uk will be forwarded to this, no matter what it is; it's a catch-all. Whilst I user [email protected], I routinely give out specific variations like [email protected] for tracing and spam monitoring etc. I understand I can achieve similar with asmallorange by setting up a "mail" account then using the "Default Address" section to ensure all unrouted mail (ie. [email protected]) is actually delivered to [email protected]. Can anyone confirm? My one concern here is that the [email protected] account would then seem to be redundant; I'm never going to use it as a working email address but appear forced to keep it there, it will never get checked and will never get any mail unless correspondents guess the address form. I know setting up [email protected] as that default catchall would effectively make it the primary address but is there any way to make it the actual primary adress, over and above [email protected]?

(2) My old e-mail account is also set up to take every message incoming to any username @robertandrews.co.uk and forward a copy to my Gmail account, [email protected], for backup (my machine was stolen last year and I'm sensitive to loss of data). The way asmallorange's cPanel seems to work is, the only ways to forward are....

  • Forwarding from individual usernames (ie. [email protected] can forward to anything you choose). Problem here is, I want messages sent to that [email protected] catchall to be forwarded - I want to sit back and let this happen, no matter what the [email protected] used, and don't want to have to second-guess all the possible [email protected] I might use in future or already have in circulation.
  • Domain-to-domain forwarding. Problem here is, if I set it up to forward anything received at [email protected] to the corresponding user on gmail, [email protected], well that won't be me at all.
  • I've been in online chat with aso's support, who suggested email filtering as a third option. Problem here is, whilst I can set up a filter that passes anything with a to header containing "blogwales.com" along to a destination of [email protected], it's actually a redirection to a destination and not a forward - the message never gets even delivered to its intended real address at blogwales.com, which defeats the purpose. The only other thing I can think of is not to divert the triggered mail to a destination but to run it through some script that does the job (?).

So how can I ensure that anything sent to [email protected] (1) goes to [email protected] and (2) gets copied to [email protected]? Any ideas please? Want to switch my custom over but don't want to lose out in the communication stakes.

Newcomer-ish to cPanel here.