E.Mail forwarding making use of MX record pointed to Fasthosts mailserver


Feb 20, 2013
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New to the control settings via CPanel . looking at the panel there is a " edit mx record " though there is no option for settings .

The Instruction Help from the Domain provider is

Yes, you can still point your emails (MX record) though you are hosting your website (A record ) elsewhere.
To change, you will need to contact your nameservers provider. Its them who can change your A , MX and other records. Your nameserevrs are currently pointed to ns1.thehostingdaddy.com. and ns2.thehostingdaddy.com. This is with Goddady. You will need to ask them your MX record pointed to Fasthosts mailserver,

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. This will not affect your website services. ( xxx signifies the IP Address )

The Problem . is I cant find out where these settings are . Any help would be most grateful

Thankyou !:)
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