E-mail spam sent from my own server?


Oct 1, 2019
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Hello all.

I have went to my Mail Deliverability section in one of my cPanel accounts. Surprisingly, there are many spam e-mails which are being sent from my own accounts/server, Some have delivered, some failed ("non existent e-mail address"), etc and I was wondering how can I stop this? I do not want my domain(s) to be blacklisted, since they are for business purposes and don't want to lose customers' trust. They are causing problems.

Spam Assassin is enabled, SPF records are created. I have done e-mail records checks on a few websites and they said there are nothing wrong with my domains. Some customers over the last few years have reported that our e-mail goes to their spam, so I think I now know the reason why this is happening. I need to get this fixed as soon as possible..

Your advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hello, @whitz,

The link provided by @Jcats is a great resource for troubleshooting these types of issues.

It's possible these messages could also be spoofed, which means they are made to look like they are being sent from a certain address, but that has actually been forged by the sender. Looking at the log for a specific message would show you if that was the case as you would be able to see the sender's IP address.

I hope this information helps, but let us know if you need more details!
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