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Jun 3, 2004
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If someone check PECL site for PDO you will see:

that PDO extension are already STABLE since 2006.

When you run EA3 for install these extension you will get this warning:

(UNSUPPORTED EXPERIMENTAL) Includes SQLite support. Other drivers (freetds, oracle, etc) can be installed with PECL. If you use rawopts to add them during compile then you will have to have them '=shared' and *NOT* do the PHP "versioning" option. Custom opt mods for PDO extensions should also do the "versioning" logic this one does.

What this means? Is it still experimental? Installing this on a production server will make my server down every 3 days? :)

I have several costumer that need PDO for Magento and so I need to install these extension but i don't want to have server with buggy PHP.

Thank you


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Mar 9, 2004

It means that there are known issues with getting it to build/run/work, so if you really need it you should know what you're doing and expect some extra work. Such is the nature of PHP and PECL.

Feel free to use the PECL version instead of the compile time flag (i.e PDO via easyapache). Hopefully it works now, the last time I looked into it (Dec/Jan) it'd uninstall PDO, then die that PDO wasn't installed :)

We are looking into if PDO's flakiness has improved at all and will adjust the note accordingly, thanks for mentioning it!