EA4 MultiPHP & Cloudlinux PHP Selector problem


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Feb 18, 2011
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in a cloulinux server with EA3 and PHP Selector I upgraded it to EA4.

Then I saw that in the MultiPHP Manager of EA4 , in the drop down menu of PHP Version's the user could see the EA versions (ea-php54 , ea-php55, ea-php56) but also the versions of cloudlinux's php selector (alt-php44, alt-php70 etc etc).

I though that this could be a problem, so I did a test onaccount that allready php 7.0 active from cloudlinux's php selector, and from MultiPHP Manager i did select the domain and from the php version drop down I did choose alt-php71 instead of the ea-php56(inherited) that was shown.
The result was 500 internal server error in the website, but in an phpinfo() file I had uploaded I was it was running php7.1 from /opt/alt/php71/etc

The only way to fix it was to set it back to ea-php56(inherited) from MultiPHP Manager.
The reason I did that was to get ahead of any customer that would do that.

I think that it would be better if cpanel's MultiPHP Manager would show in the drop down of PHP versions only it's own php versions (ea-php**) and not cloudlinux's so there will not be a mix up.
to fix this I just removed MultiPHP INI Editor and MultiPHP Manager from the Feature Lists



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Apr 11, 2011

We'd need to know the specific error message in /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log when you noticed the 500 error code to troubleshoot the cause. Note that Cloudlinux generally recommends choosing either the AltPHP packages (Provided by CloudLinux) or the MultiPHP packages (provided by cPanel):

CloudLinux PHP Selector and cPanel Multiple PHP Manager from EA4 explained

Thank you.