Feb 11, 2007

I am new to this Forum and also new to Cpanel.

I have recently moved my web-site to a server which uses Cpanel and I am now trying to get used to all the excellent facilities available, many of which I don't understand.

I have already found the logs very useful. The Error Logs showed up a few missing images and broken links which I was unaware of.

The Recent Visitors logs showed some puzzling direct visits to one image file but luckily gave the IP addresses as well. I was surprised to find that other web-sites were "hot-linking" to it i.e using my bandwidth to show the image on their site. When I found nearly 4000 hits in 7 days I decided enough was enough. I was pleased to find the facility to stop this happening.

However I was concerned and puzzled to see many hits DIRECT to some files. I assumed this was because past visitors had bookmarked the pages But surely not my cgi files and css files??

Are all these direct visits to the cgi file (guestbook) someone, or a robot, trying to get in for spamming purposes ? On several past occasions all messages have been deleted.

Many of the IP addresses I traced to China, Russia, India, Korea and the US so hardly likely to be interested in a web-site about a small hotel in the Greek island of Corfu.

Any observations and advice would be appreciated.

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