Easiest method to identify and remove migrated sites in bulk


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Sep 24, 2008
W. Hartford, CT
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As the subject says, I'm looking for the easiest method to remove migrated sites in bulk.

I have 3 cPanel servers & 1 DNSonly server.

We'll call them A, B, & C ... D

I had a hardware failure on server B, forcing me to migrate to server C.

Although that process is pretty straight forward, I find myself in a little jam... as to my own self doing.

I started moving over sites from server A to server B a while back, in bulk, and failed to terminate the old sites on server A. I should have done that immediately after they were successfully migrated and live on the new server.

So, to wrap up my long story...

I'm trying to move all of the cPanel accounts from server B to C, and the rest of the accounts from A to C.

I can do a DNS report, but is that truly going to show which sites are legitimately on the correct servers or only show the reported NS and IP, which might not be accurate?

I'm hoping that this makes enough sense to someone. HAH!


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Apr 11, 2011

The DNS records may not help if all domain names are using the same name server IP addresses (the ones associated with your DNS-Only server). Do you have access to see the filesystem for "Server B"? If so, you could review the usernames in the /home directory to get a better idea of which accounts were already migrated to it.

Thank you.