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Feb 1, 2007
I am involved in updating a website from very early web 1.0 looking website to a more sophisticated look. Just adding sparkle, more information etc. I don't need to do anything advanced with it. cPanel is used on the server and I have no intention of monkeying around with cPanel, mail etc. I just want to upload my nice new htm files to the appropriate place for public viewing.
I am used to working with non cPanel using servers. I can't say that I don't like cPanel, I just have NO experience with it. In the file manager I notice a file called public_html and www. They seem to have identical files inside. To what directory do I upload my htm files and where can I find a real super simple explanation of the file structure in a cPanel set up? The documentation for cPanel goes into things I don't need to know for this and I don't want to do more harm than good and mess something up.
The guy who set it up originally isn't available to help right now and being a non-profit there have been so many fingers on this thing its driving me crazy.

Can anyone help this cPanel ultra-newbie?:eek:


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Apr 27, 2004
www is a just a link to public_folder.
Put your files into either of them.


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Nov 29, 2006
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Basic file structure of cPanel:

public_html - Where anything that should be accessible via the web server should be put. This includes web pages.

public_ftp - The contents of this directory will be accessible via anonymous FTP login. This directory may or may not not exist if anonymous FTP login is not enabled for your account.

tmp - a temporary directory you can use as a temporary directory for any scripts you may install or run for the website.

www - simply redirects to public_html

These are the important directories, you can pretty much ignore everything else in casual use. I wouldn't attempt to delete any of the files in any of the other directories. Note that some web hosting providers create a "logs" directory to store raw logs for your website. If you do have one of those, you may want to clean that out once in a while to conserve disk space.

If you notice directories in public_html you didn't create that start with an underscore, those directories are likely related to Frontpage extensions and the result of enabling Frontpage extensions on that particular web server.


Nov 5, 2005
I got a question. how do you get rid of the www
folder if it just redirect. Why use it.

I have it on my server and every hosting client
complains "well why don't you just use public_html
instead of www"

is there a way to get rid of www, perminetely and
just use public_html



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Nov 28, 2006
# unlink /home/USER/www

You'd have to do it manually though... If someone has an automatic way of doing it that'd be nice.

Also, are there any negative effects with removing it?


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Mar 8, 2004
# unlink /home/USER/www

You'd have to do it manually though... If someone has an automatic way of doing it that'd be nice.

Also, are there any negative effects with removing it?
You could go with
unlink /home/*/www

The negative effects would be if anything is actually following the symbolic link, I cannot guess if that would be the case on your server.