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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Is there a specific type of configuration you are seeking? For example, are you looking for the most optimized configuration, or one that will provide the most features to your users? Typically, you would select the options based on the requirements of your individual server.

Thank you.


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Dec 14, 2008
What do I want?

More Performance from PHP with optcode caching that actually works, Eaccelerator doesn't seem to cache files according to phpinfo().

But it is loaded:

eAccelerator support enabled
Caching Enabled true
Optimizer Enabled true
Check mtime Enabled true
Memory Size 16,777,144 Bytes
Memory Available 16,772,976 Bytes
Memory Allocated 4,168 Bytes
Cached Scripts 0
Removed Scripts 0

Had the same problem, even if I install the modules from source. And from my researching it seems that it's due to the nature of sharing a single memory fragement to multiple user owned processes, and it's not supported?

XCache doesn't work either by selecting it from EasyApache. Maybe I've choosen some incompatible modules, so I was hoping someone could provide me with their setup that actually works on a centos 5 box.

FastCGI seems quicker, but the memory usage is rediculous.

I just want to know, which is the best all round setup for a shared php hosting environement to get faster performance than the box standard suphp setup, but I'd also like the processes to be run as the user. Which you get for php but apache is runs as nobody,which is why i liked mpm-itk, but it wasn't stable.


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Oct 2, 2010
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You cannot use OPCode caching with suPHP, so EAccelerator, xCache and APC won't function under suPHP. Since you mention suPHP at one point in your reply, are you trying to use it with OPCode caching?

Of note, it will be enabled and show as enabled in phpinfo under suPHP. It simply won't work even though enabled due to the way suPHP handles processes.

If you want to use something supported, I'd instead suggest mod_ruid2 under DSO with xCache or EAccelerator instead.