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Oct 30, 2012
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Hello, everyone!

The EasyApache team has published EasyApache 3.22.2:

---++ 3.22.2

Implemented Case 60467 Updated EAccelerator to PHP 5.4-compatible version
Implemented Case 72977 Added PHP 5.5 to EasyApache
Implemented Case 73121 Updated Tomcat RPMs to release 1
Implemented Case 73517 Updated PHP to version 5.5.1
Implemented Case 73637 Updated ionCube Loader for Linux to version 4.4.1.
Implemented Case 74061 Mark PHP 5.5.1 as experimental.
Implemented Case 74117 Updated Tomcat to version 7.0.42
Implemented Case 74305 Updated Tomcat RPM build number

Fixed Case 71529 Build PHP before PHP extensions
Fixed Case 73309 Clean up working directory after Tomcat restart

EASYAPACHE CHANGE LOG: EasyApache < AllDocumentation/ChangeLog < TWiki
EASYAPACHE RELEASE NOTES: EAReleaseNotes322 < EasyApache < TWiki

NOTE: The documentation may take a few hours to sync up between the documentation servers.


Laurence Simon
Technical Writer (EasyApache Team)
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