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Sep 14, 2004
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I see that the EasyApache 3 documentation suggests that deprecation has been delayed until 2018 and that we will be given at least 3 months notice prior to its deprecation.

I see that WHM 66 does not mention any upgrade blockers.

Can I safely assume that if EasyApache 3 is still fully supported in WHM 66 ? Will the interface for EasyApache 3 [in WHM 66] still be there for us?

I've started converting machines to EA4, but I still have some on EA3 and am running WHM 64. Since WHM 62 is the only LTS version for 2017, I'm going to need to upgrade to WHM 66 when its in RELEASE.

_Must_ I convert to EA4 before upgrading to WHM 66, or is EA3 still fully supported in WHM 66?




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Apr 11, 2011

Yes, EasyApache 3 is still supported in cPanel version 66. Here's a quote from a recent update to the EasyApache 3 Deprecation Schedule blog post:

EDIT: This post is also no longer accurate. We are currently planning to fully deprecate EasyApache 3 support in early 2018, but prior to doing so we will provide notice to server administrators that are still using EasyApache 3. We encourage administrators that are still using EasyApache 3 to upgrade as soon as possible. If there are blockers or reasons that you are hesitating to upgrade, please let me know!
Thank you.