EasyApache Module Documentation Open Survey


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Aug 15, 2013
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Hi all!

As we continue to improve the EasyApache software to meet your needs, we also want to make sure that the documentation contains the information you need.

The largest portion of the EasyApache documentation includes the Apache and PHP modules. Each module has its own page, but contains the same type of information. An example module page that has information in all of the sections is: "Apache Module: DiskCache."

If you can take a moment to consider the following questions and reply to this thread with your feedback, we would really appreciate it! :D

  • Have you ever used our module documentation to get information you needed?
  • What information are you looking for when you go to the module documentation? (For example, do you need help with an error message or compatibility issues before you install a module?)
  • Were you able to easily find the information you needed, without searching elsewhere?
  • Is any of the information you found redundant, difficult to understand, or unimportant?
  • Is there any additional information about the modules that you would like to know? (For example, a more detailed history about changes that we have made to the module?)
  • Is there any module-related information that is in our documentation, but would be more conveniently located in WHM or EasyApache directly?

Thank you,
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