Mar 28, 2005

I searched a lot in this forums but unfortunately I couldn't find an answer to my question. Anyway, my question is that I would like to know if there is a configuration (like cpanel.config) which changes default tomcat port (8080) to another port (like 8000). I can change by modifying server.xml and mod_jk.conf after I compile easyapache however it is a time consuming process for me to modify every time after I compile easyapache.

Furthermore, I have to change tomcat default port from 8080 to another port because the port 8080 is in use by lighttpd in our servers. You may suggest me to change lighttpd port but it is not possible in our situation because there are a lot of rss reader programs developed and using 8080 port to gather xml files.

I hope I made my question clear enough. I appreciate your answers and suggestions.