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Apr 18, 2006
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I've noticed that installing apache + php + mysql directly from the RPM database or yum is really A LOT faster than easyapache, but some things are more difficult to setup or do... at least I'm not that "pro" to do them.

Wouldn't be really a lot faster to create a RPM database for cPanel and you put there the centos / rhel / fc rpm files so we can install php and apache via the rpm files ?

It would also be a lot more dynamical, because if you want to (for example) add the imap module for php, now you have to recompile everything which can take from 20 min up to 2 hours depending on the equipment and connection availables. If you do it on an rpm based package (eg. yum install php-imap) it would take less than 2 minutes to do and it wont break all web access as easyapache does (unless it fails to install).

What about an EasyApache 4, superfast ?
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Nov 29, 2006
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... it wont break all web access as easyapache does (unless it fails to install).
Apache should remain online and operational for all but a few seconds during the EasyApache build process. If you are experiencing broken configurations or extended outages during the EasyApache process, please update your cPanel/WHM to the latest builds. If this behavior persists after doing so, please submit a support ticket so our technical analysts can determine why this is happening.