Feb 12, 2014
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I am trying to set up a website that uses three different tools important to its use. One is a API system to keep the members of the site in the right user groups to access only the forums they need to be in. It also has a teamspeak3 connection that will make sure that the users are added to the right groups based off there API's and puts them in the right access channels in TS3. The last is Jabber which also will set them in the right groups. All of these require MySQL to work right. I have set up the website with MySQL and all went well and its up and running with rules, but I have found that I can not get it to install with the MySQL do to not being able to find the Database path and install the tables need.

I have searched the web and worked on several different ways to make this happen. I am at a point that I have done a echo $PATH and all the right paths are there and then I did a echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and it comes back blank. I also have searched the web for answers and can not seem to get the info I need. I have put


in the .bash_profile file and still get a blank response. I'm not sure what to try next any help would be great and thank you in advance.


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Quick update I'm on a Dedicated CentOS 6 server supplied by Godaddy with cPanel and im using SSH to install TS3 server after I set up a MySQL database as it needs its own Database and does not add to the website Database.


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Sep 26, 2006
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I have found that I can not get it to install with the MySQL do to not being able to find the Database path and install the tables need.
This is a little confusing. You're talking about a database path, but your later text implies that you're actually trying to get your software to find libraries. If the application is trying to install database tables, I don't see why TS3 would need any of this information. To install tables, it simply needs to know the database name and credentials so it can connect and do the needful.

If this doesn't help, please provide information on exactly what you're trying to install, what errors you're getting. etc


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Have you reviewed the installation instructions for your application to verify the specific steps you must complete? It looks more like an issue with the script itself rather than with MySQL. For instance, what MySQL error messages do you receive, or what leads you to believe there is a problem with MySQL?

Thank you.