Mar 9, 2008
I feel pretty safe with Cpanel/WHM and love the software. It works perfectly, however, should I be concerned about getting "Current" updates or should I go with Stable?

In my SSL Thread, I was told if I had cPanel/WHM 11.24....however, I did not. I was running Stable so I had WHM 11.23 something.

I changed to Release and still did not have the correct version, so I changed to Current and that gave me the version I needed to fix the above problem. Everything worked just fine as expected, but should I be worried that an update may have some bug and crash my web server and cause me to lose all my data?

I can deal with a few bugs, just not a complete system crash which would cause all my websites to go down. What are the chances that this would happen? What are you guys running on and why?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!



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Jul 10, 2008
I personally wouldn't use CURRENT branch only RELEASE. But if you're worried about that, just turn off automatic updates and update in a manner when you have time to fix any bugs that may come with updating.