Jul 28, 2011
Sometimes, a visitor says he gets a standard 404 error message on one of my websites (something to do with port 80). I can't reproduce the error - using the same link, I am able to get to the page.

Maybe it's because the link is a redirect link and there is some restriction on his browser or firewall regarding tracking links.

But what I'd like to do is change the 404 message to something more customer-friendly. At the moment, it simply says please contact the xxxx.com webmaster. And the link to the webmaster is actually the email address of a previous hosting provider, which is very odd. Maybe when I migrated the site to a new host, this 404 page got copied across also.

But my customers have been complaining that they are emailing me and I am not responding (I discovered this by reading a post about my website). Well now wonder if the 404 message is sending them to a hosting provider that I no longer host with!

Please help, this is quite urgent.