Editing a package caused Cpanel to change all domains to use this package.


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Jan 16, 2003
Editing a package caused Cpanel to change packages for domains that did not belog to this package.


Package Name: Cpanel

Edited Package "Cpanel"
To use a different theme.

Cpanel then started to change some domains that belonged to the package "Cpanel 100" and "Cpanel 200" TO the "Cpanel" package.

So now some of my "Cpanel 100" and "Cpanel 200" packages are now "Cpanel" packages.

Anyway to fix this besides going through 400 domains manually figuring out which Package they suppose to have?

Is there any way to just change the theme for domains in a package?


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Apr 23, 2003
Not definately sure how to fix it; there have been other posts on this forum (and others) that suggests cPanel doesn't handle package names with spaces in them very well. I read those posts before I set mine up and have used one-word package names like "Business" "Personal" generic stuff like that... so far so good for me... You might want to rename them to one-word names.