Nov 5, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I have a need to edit account passwords and contact emails at the same time. While the "List Accounts" page shows both fields it won't allow me to update both at the same time. This forces me to reload the page twice to make changes to the same account. When doing this multiple times over and over it really doubles my work-load.

Is there a page I'm missing that this is possible to do on? Or can I hire someone to make a custom plugin that could do this (and maybe other stuff I need like a handy delete account button next to each account in the "List accounts" view).

I really need an all-in-one page for account modifications for multiple accounts, the current tools make you select an account in a long scroll list. I feel the only useful page is the list accounts page because it has the handy "search" function, but we can only change the password/email.