Nov 18, 2006
Sorry for the newbie post.

I'm confused about cPanel's DNS clustering. All I want to do is add secondary nameservers using's DNS services. My server is running cPanel and BIND. It provides the master DNS entries for the domain. The primary nameserver is

Without dealing with cPanel's clustering tools, can I just manually edit /etc/named.conf for the domain by adding an "allow-transfer" line as follows:

zone "" {
type master;
file "";
allow-transfer {;;;; };

(Where, etc., are the IP addresses for DynDNS's nameservers.)

From what I understand DynDNS will do the rest of the work - as long as the "allow-transfer" is in place. (see

Will this work with cPanel? I've encountered some issues in the past when trying to update DNS configurations manually on a cPanel server.



Nov 6, 2008
me to also want to do the same, I do not what rent a vps just to install cpanel dns-only
I rather use free dns hosting that gave secondary/slave dns hosting
where is the /etc/named.conf template file that won't change even cpanel upgrade / added new account


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Oct 2, 2010
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If you add entries to /etc/named.conf file manually, they should not be overwritten by adding new zones for those entries. That file isn't rebuilt each time unless you run the rebuild script manually, which most people do not run that rebuild script.

If you want to know what script you should not run unless you do want to wipe your manual entries, it is /scripts/rebuilddnsconfig one. Thus, do not run that script at any point unless you want to wipe your manual changes. The only time /scripts/rebuilddnsconfig should be run would be if named.conf became corrupted and you needed to regenerate it using the existing /var/named/ zone files.
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