Editing Paper Lantern's *.html.tt templates


Jul 4, 2016
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Hi there,

TL;DR, Is it possible to create a fully customized theme based off of Paper Lantern?

Our developers have made customizations to the cPanel page "Email Accounts" (http://domain/cpanelsessionID/frontend/paper_lantern/mail/pops.html) by editing the file pops.html.tt, located at /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/paper_lantern/mail/pops.html.tt

The issue is either the nightly upcp cron job, or nightly system update is replacing the pops.html.tt file.

What is the proper way to go about making this change persistent? Should we copy the Paper Lantern theme folder to clone the theme and apply our changes there and then change it to use that theme?

From what I can gather none of the UI Includes, branding, or style customizations are sufficient for this. We need finer grain control, not just adding content to the headers and footers.



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Apr 7, 2006
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What are you trying to add to (or remove from) the Email Accounts page? Perhaps there is a change we could make to help you accomplish that.


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Nov 1, 2003
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What are you trying to add to (or remove from) the Email Accounts page? Perhaps there is a change we could make to help you accomplish that.
I Just found this oldish thread while looking for something else, and although I obviously can't answer for matt5840, there are quite a few changes we've been making to the X3 and now Paper Lantern themes inside the pops.html(.tt) and pops.js (and js2-min) files.

Along with some associated supporting hooks, the changes we make are primarily related to long-running requests made in this forum and/or in the various cPanel enhancement request locations over the years...

1. Allow the configuration of maximum mailbox sizes based on hosting plans. We allow different maximum mailbox size quotas for different plans. This greatly increases our ability to match plans and pricing with different types of clients. Some clients want a budget account with only small mailboxes, while others are happy to pay a premium for mailboxes limited only by the total size of the plan. This alone greatly increases our revenue through plan granularity and available upgrade path incentives.

2. Control over the "Set Up Mail Client" functions. We handle our remote outgoing SMTP services independently of our hosting boxes, so the non-configurable auto-configure options for mail accounts provided by cPanel are unusable for us as they simply create huge numbers of support requests from understandably confused end-users when their email sending fails.

3. With Paper Lantern only, we take control over which plans allow clients to suspend their own individual email accounts. Some less knowledgeable clients have caught themselves out by bouncing email or blocking their ability to collect email after playing with the suspend options. We remove some or all of those options for more basic accounts.

The coding required to handle the above is really quite minimal, and would be even simpler (and neater) if incorporated into cPanel directly.

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