EHCP as Secondary DNS for cPanel

Shafaqat Ali

Jan 30, 2018
Islamabad, Pakistan
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Dear Experts,
I have installed and configured my first cPanel Server and its working fine.
My question is that could I use EHCP (Ubuntu) as secondary DNS hosting server for cPanel?
If yes than whats the procedure to achieve this goal.

Thanks & Regards.

Shafaqat Ali.


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Apr 11, 2011

There's no support to integrate a non-cPanel DNS server into a clustering environment. Thus, you could set it up manually, but there are no features in cPanel & WHM that will allow you to automatically sync DNS changes to it. Alternatively, you could install CentOS and utilize cPanel DNS-Only if you'd like to use a supported environment:

cPanel DNSONLY - Version 70 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Thank you.


Jan 31, 2018
Phoenix, AZ
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My question is that could I use EHCP (Ubuntu) as secondary DNS hosting server for cPanel?
Setting up a cluster to a non-Cpanel supported DNS as you asked about is usually fairly simple to implement but would indeed require writing a fair amount of scripting to automate the import and syncing of data that you would then use the hooks in Cpanel to connect.

While generally easy to do really depends on how comfortable you are with script programming and might be more advanced than the scope of a lot of general average users plus as cPanelMichael pointed out is not officially supported.

That said, I have myself interconnected many DNS systems that Cpanel has no support without any major issues but before taking on such an item also consider why you are looking at a particular DNS system and weigh that against the ones that Cpanel already supports natively and it might well be that the one you are looking at has no advantage over an already supported configuration.

Many hosts and registrars also offer secondary DNS options available either as plugin scripts to link your existing Cpanel to their own DNS network so that you don't have to manually configure your DNS zones or offer cheap solutions for a dedicated Cpanel DNS Only cluster server. I know of 3 hosts off hand that charge $5 to their existing customers to add on a dedicated DNS server and one of those also gives out an extra DNS cluster server on request for FREE with certain server plans.

If your server has multiple IPs, you could allocate the additional IP to your DNS though a common shortcut many people do does violate RFC and many people don't realize actually causes sizable penalties with search engine placement these days but is still better than running a single sole IP address for DNS.

As a rule, you should not use any of your web server hosting IPs for DNS service at all for the most benefit but if you must, the use of hosting IPs for DNS should be limited to a single DNS hostname address only and your secondary DNS address should be on another server ideally at another location which is physically separate on a different network and subnet and geographically distinct from your hosting server. In this regard, your original question is definitely looking more in a much better direction in terms of wanting to setup a real DNS server verses trying to fake an address as so many people often do not fully realizing the implications which not only costs them in terms of web site visibility in the search engines but also in web site reliability and performance as well.