Aug 5, 2010
Hi All,

Could you please clarify whether this is default behavior in cPanel.

I have used my WHM to add a couple of domains and each domain is given a user and password for cPanel. I can log into each of the cpanels using the user and password etc etc.

By default, the Mail -> Email Accounts link shows me the 'default email account' which I understand is used for a catch address etc and is the user specified at the creation of the account. At the filesystem level under the Mail directory I have CUR, NEW, TMP, .Drafts, .Sent and .Trash .

When I go back in cPanel -> Mail -> Email Accounts and create a new email account <[email protected]> , this appear in the file system under Mail as [email protected] with the afore mentioned default directories. This behavior is repeated for each email account that create.

Now the question. When I log into the 'default email accounts' webmail I see each of the additional email accounts listed under the Mail heading of the client (I am using HORDE) is this by design ?