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Jul 13, 2005

I hope you may be able to help.
As a small business owner marketing her business through a website,I use CPanel.
Given that I am not at all technical minded or the actual site developer,only use it to access my webmail a/cs and view web stats.I do not touch anything else.
This past week I have had to take time off from Wednesday onwards for family commitments and ,as usual in this situation,login in to my various email a/cs frequently to check for any potential customer emails .
I did this on Wednesday,no problem.
However,on Thursday I could not login to any of my accounts - kept saying 'login failed'.
I contacted my brother who is responsible for developing the site and early Friday am he informed me that all of my email accounts except for one have been deleted.Prior to the email a/c deletion,I had 9 ac's in total.Now I have one.

I'm totally in shock and utterly confused as I cannot think how/why this has happened.
I know I am not technically minded and have always made a point of 'not touching anything' in case I accidentally delete something I should not , but I am sure I would not have gone into CPanel and deleted the email a/cs.I'm not even sure how I would do that ?! ! And in any case ,even if i went to delete each one manually,wouldn't it come up with something along the lines of 'are you sure..?' in which case I certainly wouldn't want to delete any of the accounts as they are the primary point of contact for my customers.

I spoke with my web hosting company and they have said something along the lines of 'not our problem - we've had no glitch our side' and when i asked them on friday am when/how they keep backups ,they told me the last backup was on Thurday night - ie,after account deletion had taken place - ie a copy of nothing.They tell me they have never had something like this happen before and have pointed out that only me and my brother have the password to access CPanel.
Thankfully,I did a major cull on my clogged up email ac's a few days ago and added all customer/potential customer data to a separate database,so the actual data lost in the emails contained in those 9 email ac's is not an absolute disaster - BUT I am completely at a loss as to how/why these email ac's were deleted in the first place.(*and why 1 email a/c wasn't?)

Either I have messed up my side and somehow ,against my knowledge and recollection,deleted 9 email ac's.But my brother says he has not deleted the ac/s either.


'someone' has deleted them? The strange thing is the rest of my site is fine - all up and running.However,offline,I am working in a very competitive industry and am getting lots of probe calls/fake bookings from competitors - and now this has happened,I am paranoid that someone somehow has taken it upon themselves to try and nobble me.Anecdotally,I am aware that times are tough and things are getting tighter ,so I can understand why competitors are doing what they are doing offline (esp. as I am making inroads and am trying my best to build up a thriving biz) but I am petrified that this is going to extend into my online activities,as this is becoming a very effective and cost efficient marketing tool.

As such,I would be so grateful if someone could explain to me (as basically a self confessed technical dummy) whether you've heard of anything like this before,how on earth it may have happened and what I can do in future to protect myself.

thank you,
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Apr 2, 2005
ask your host if they have just completed the 'maildir' conversion. also sounds like you need a new host!

just another thought, are you accessing your mail via the main account?

ie use

and then logon with the main account, which would let you see all nine accounts at once?
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