email alias length limit = 30

Christian Nally

May 25, 2006

I'm a customer of a domain hosting service that uses CPanel.

I set up my personal email address on my previous host, (that didn't use cpanel), and it was accepting email to an alias with a length of 32 characters.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a limit of 30 characters in CPanel. I'm sure it's that a coder chose what seemed like an arbitrary but large enough limit for the length of an email address, but I've managed to run into the limit in a way that's killing me. All my personal email is currently being lost.

Further I'm trying to figure out how to set things such that email to my provider will bounce instead of just being filed into /dev/null (receiving all email to the domain is a non-starter because of the amount of spam it receives).

Ideas anyone?

thanks from a man losing all his email
Christian Nally