Email and Filter migration


Jan 27, 2013
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Ok my current host is gator host and i am hosting about 10 companies with cpanel. 9 of the 10 domains are pop3. The 10th is a mix of pop3 and imap. Well i have moved to a reseller account so they can bo all on there own with cpanel. Problem is i dont want to do a backup and a restore of this cpanel on new provider due to errors and previous problems with gator host and have all 9 back in same account.

The 10th domain has about 20 gig worth of emails cause of the imaps

So overall what i am asking is there a way to just move emails from old cpanel account to the new cpanel account one without having to do a full cpanel backup and restore.

I do have a high speed connection of 100mbps up and down.

I heard i could do an ftp of all this but if there is a simpler way please let me know and wont cost me a ton. Thanks.

They are both linux servers.
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