Email best practices for cPanel shared hosting?


Apr 17, 2019
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Hi there. Pretty basic but fundamental question I think.

We’re firing up a shared hosting environment on our Linux server with WHM and cPanel. What is the recommended best practice for configuring each of our customers / domains to send email? Just getting it to work - to send just mail - is easy, but we want to do things right in terms of security and deliverability and such.




Oct 26, 2009
We're also just starting to use cpanel for email and haven't found a good source that explains the interaction of the exim settings and the spamassassin settings at the server and account-owner levels. The documentation is okay for how to make a specific setting but not so much in how they interact. For example, the exim reject score vs. the spamassassin scores. And recommendations for the spamassassin ruleset selections - it would be nice too have a document that describes the practical implications of selecting one or more of the available rulesets vs. others. Interestingly I find outbound email seems to get more attention in documentation, but it seems there's a pretty simple limitation (it's apparently not queued, no matter what, so no issues with it being delivered to what email box etc.) that's based on the "scan outbound mail" score. But for inbound email there are more factors at play and it's not easy to find how to implement choices such as a reject score, a categorize-as-spam vs. not-spam pass-through score, and specify a spam delivery target (for the server default and then individual cPanel account level) such as an individual spam mailbox, individual inbox with spam label, shared domain spam mailbox, etc.)