Email: can send cannot recieve, need some input


Jun 27, 2004
New York City
I've encountered a problem. The machine is RH9 running CPanel. The box is running Exim. Here is my situation

Im dealing with an account that is on an ip that we can call .68. When I send from that email to that email using squirrel mail the message does not go into the users inbox. Exim panic logs/reject logs do not show that the email in question has been dropped. The main log shows that a connection has been made and the email has been sent.

On refreshing squirrel mail, the email never shows up.

notes: sending to remote users from this account works.
notes: receiving from remote users to the local account does not work
notes: reverse dns to the mail server address works for that domain.
notes: .68 is not the default ip for the site. Most of the sites (with working email) work off of .66

any ideas on what I could be doin wrong?