Mar 10, 2012
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Hi Folks,

I am just seeking an advise from you guys on some email settings.

My current scenario is as follows :

I have 4 cPanel servers all are connectd using dns cluster. I am using spamexperts to filter out all the spam messages. So it works as a mail gateway. So all my domain are using spamexperts mx records.

Issue :

I have more than 100 email accounts for a particular account. They are having some ticketing tool and every minute, lot of mails are being sent to all these accounts. So that server's outbound queue always in the range 500-1000. So just these notifications use all the outbound mail queue resources. So normal mails are also lagging much to deliver and the server load is high.

What I think is to add the same domain in the remaining 3 servers also without conflicting the domain dns and use the new servers ip as the outbound address. So that they can authenticate and send out mails using another servers, mail queue.(I am not using txt records, so i think anyone can send out mails right ?) Is that possible or any other method you suggest for better delivery ? simply my doubt is, it is possible to share the email process across different servers for a particular domain something like email cluster ?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Please keep in mind that this type of setup is not natively supported with cPanel. It will involve custom modifications and it's not something our staff can troubleshoot. Have you considered simply modifying the behavior of the ticketing tool so that it does not send out so many emails? That might be a better option than creating an email cluster environment.

Thank you.