Email Deliverability Issue


Jun 19, 2022
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Hello, I just noticed that emails weren't goin through from my domain mail and I came accross an email deliverabilty issue. The Reverse DNS has the problem below:
The system uses an alternate HELO of “***-***-**-**” when sending mail from the “” domain.
There is no reverse DNS configured for the IP address that the system uses to send this domain’s outgoing email.
To fix this problem, contact your system administrator and request that they create the following PTR record at “”, “”, and “”:

I have create the above PTR record on Cloudflare but the error still persists. Please can anyone provide a solution, lot's of emails are starting pile up due to the issue


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I'm not sure Cloudflare is the appropriate place to create the PTR record. Although your DNS may be hosted at Cloudflare, the PTR record is usually handled by the hosting provider or datacenter that provided you with the IP address. Can you contact them to see if they can configure the reverse DNS?

You can also use a tool like Reverse DNS Check - Debouncer to check that the rDNS is configured how you expect.