Email display problem, Horde vs. SquirrelMail


Sep 28, 2012
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I have an interesting issue with how emails are displayed in Horde vs. SquirrelMail. They don't display properly in Horde, but they do in Squirrel.

I have just migrated several domains from an older Plesk Linux VM to a new cPanel Linux VM.
Horde on the old system would properly display HTML in-line. It does not on the new system. However, Squirrel does. This makes me think it's a problem with back-end configuration of Horde.

We have gone through all the Horde options and nothing has changed; all the settings properly migrated from the old server to the new. HTML is enabled as well as click to see in line images. But nothing is displayed properly. for example:

We use a Barracuda Networks Spam firewall. On the old system, Horde would properly display the Barracuda spam quarantine email, with links to deliver, whitelist, delete or see the entire summary. On the new system, Horde displays the message in non-html form without any placeholders for anything and only lists the link to view the entire summary. However, SquirrelMail shows the entire email as I would expect.

I have gone through front-end Horde options again and again without any luck. I can't find any back-end settings in cPanel for Horde. It's starting to look like some kind of Horde settings at the OS level, but I don't have a clue really.

Any idea on where to start or guidance that can be given?
I would greatly appreciate being able to make Horde work properly as I have several client email accounts that have a lot of messages in the sent-mail folder they'd like access to. Unfortunately, Squirrel's sent mail folder doesn't appear to use the same location so none of the old sent emails is there.

Thank you.


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Oct 2, 2010
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In Horde > Mail > Options > Message Viewing, is "Block images in HTML messages unless they are specifically requested?" checked or unchecked? If it is checked, could you try unchecking it to see the results?

If that doesn't work, then please submit a ticket for us to check into this further. You could do so in WHM > Support Center > Contact cPanel or using the link in my signature.

Please post the ticket number here upon submitting it.