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Aug 11, 2001
Fremont CA
after cpanel upgraded their stuff, i can no longer get email to go from ema[email protected] to [email protected] (see old instructions below)

is there something i need to change in order to fix this stuff

Example: email to be forwarded to
(*) add parked domain info as normal in WHM ( ---&

(*) edit /var/cpanel/users/primary-username and add (DNS1 or DNS2 in that order if there is already existing DNSx)

(*) Then, you edit the /etc/valiases/ file and add
*: primary-user

(*) Confirm the /etc/userdomains information matches the primary sites user name primary-user

(*) Confirm the /etc/localdomains information has the parked domain listed

(*) test it by sending a email that already exists on with, example
[email protected] now forwards to [email protected]