Email Filter and Autoresponder Issues


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Mar 27, 2003
I have two issues that I can't seem to find answers to in regards to filtering and autoresponders:

1. I have an address that is no longer in use. The person that was using it is no longer working for my customer and it gets a ton of spam. I have added a few filters to discard all the mail that comes to it, but I noticed that if someone sends mail to this address and adds a CC to a legitimate address the mail is not delivered to the legitimate address either. Is there a way to have ALL mail sent to that address discarded but delivered to any other headers the message might contain.

2. I have another address that is no longer in use. It was getting tons and tons of spam. I set up the auto responder and it worked fine. However, I also wanted to setup a filter to filter out the mail. As soon as I set up the filter to discard all mail that comes to this address the autoresponder stopped working.

Is there a way to setup a filter and autoresponder, maybe in a different fashion then what I am trying?