Email filtering problem, body length limit?


Feb 5, 2008
cPanel Access Level
DataCenter Provider
We've been receiving a lot of spam messages similar to this one (quoted at end for readability). These all contain the text "usb.php" which seemed like a good way to filter them as it only appears in these emails according to my mailbox.

I created an account level filter rule which is:

Body contains usb.php discard

which should work fine, but when I run this email through the test filter it doesn't work. However if I cut off a lot of text from the start of the email and just use the latter part it does detect it. I can't see anything unusual in the email content that would stop it from working, so I am wondering if there is some kind of limit on email size to be ran through the filter, and if so is there a way to increase this?

P.S. I have done some research and this email is sent by a spam marketing company and the unsubscribe URL unsurprisingly does not work.

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