Email Filters and Spam Assassin


Jun 2, 2022
Perth, Western Australia
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Hi All, This is my first post so hopefully I will correctly adhere to to the guidelines!

I currently have two cPanel services with different providers. One is v102.0.18 (was v94.0.24) and the other is v104.0.3.

On the newer version if I create an email filter that checks the 'Spam Bar' for '+' it doesn't work because Spam Assassin hasn't assigned a score to the email headers at the time the filter checks. If the filter is not there, then the spam assassin score is assigned as normal. If I create a filter prior to the Spam Bar check that 'pipes to program' and causes a short delay but then fails with a bounceback, the Spam Bar check then works as expected.

On the older versions (both) this type of filter with spam assassin works as expected.

I have had a support query lodged with the provider of the newer version for over a month and they have been unable to identify why this might be happening. Can anyone provide any guidance, suggestions or assistance please?

Many Thanks, David