Sep 13, 2006
I'm looking for a way to set up email forwarding for a large number of user ID's (well over 2,000). The list of ID's is not only too large for manual entry into cPanel to be practical; it is growing, so that manual entry would require human intervention whenever another ID is added. For these reasons, the use of the cPanel email forwarder interface is very undesirable and would probably preclude what I'm trying to do.

The ID's are stored in a MySQL database; and, while I know Exim can be configured to get information from MySQL, I'm told that this is not allowed in Exim under cPanel. Rather frustrating; but if that's the way it is, then one must simply find another approach.

I've attempted to set up a .forward file in the /home/[domain user] directory; however, emails sent to the test forwarding account simply bounce as undeliverable. It may be that I simply have the .forward file set up wrong, though I'm not absolutely certain that Exim's cPanel configuration recognizes .forward files, either.

Is anyone familiar with how I might set up a large list of email forwarder addresses in a system that uses cPanel, but without having to enter everything through the cPanel interface?