Email from Wordpress forms issue


Nov 22, 2015
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

Since alot of my customers had problems with sending e-mail and the receiver gets it as spam, i've added 'VPS Mailservice', as my hosting provider calls it. It's a mail relay.

I had to option to auto fill the records needed (dkim, spf, txt for auth.) for the domains i would like to use this relay.

After that I have some problems with Wordpress forms that can't send e-mail anymore to a owner. It might be because of the sending e-mail adres is the Wordpress installation name @ my vps server name ([email protected] <like this).

When I try to re-deliver the message from the queue, this is the error:

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 421 4.7.0 No valid 'x-transip-mail-auth' DNS record found for ''.
Do I need records for that domain? How could I add dns records for a subdomain? Because i already have the right records on the top level domain