Email is getting me blacklisted! Help!


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Feb 6, 2013
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I run a small VPS and I use the host for my outgoing email server to send email. Today I couldn't send any email and was told it was blacklisted for spam. Right now I'm the ONLY user that uses this entire VPS and barely use email so I find this hard to take in. I checked out my logs and saw many rejected emails from user -remote-. The results on all of them were

"lowest numbered MX record points to local host"

And there were hundreds of them!

I have tweaked my email restrictions and made sure to set those settings up but these emails keep coming in and trying to send email over and over. Here is what one of my log pages looks like: Where in the heck are all these coming from?



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It's likely the domain name is incorrectly added to the /etc/localdomains file. Thus, it's attempting to deliver email locally instead of to the remote server. Try removing the domain name from /etc/localdomains and adding it to /etc/remotedomains by changing the email routing settings in the "Edit DNS Zone" option in WHM to:

"Remote Mail Exchanger"

Also, you can review the full messages in the queue to see where they are coming from or to review the message content.

Thank you.