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Dec 31, 2002
I have two servers clustered and everything seems to work okay except for email between certain accounts located on the opposite server.

For example [email protected] is located on server 1, and it can send and receive email from any site except for email accounts located on server 2 and vise versa.

This seems to happen when one of the clients is using an email account on an addon domain.

I can ping the domain correctly from either server, the sites load correctly from all associated domains, and I can email to/from the accounts using any email account not located on the opposite server.

Has anyone seen this?

The bounce error message is:

[email protected]
SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT TO:<[email protected]>:
host serissolutions.com []: 550-Verification failed for <[email protected]>
550-Unrouteable address
550 Sender verify failed