email logins that should be going to an external mail server


May 13, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I have created a site for a client who has email hosted on another server. I am not hosting a nameserver and I have no DNS Zone file for the client. DNS is hosted elsewhere. And in WHM and Cpanel I have set on the MX Records page that a Remote Mail Exchanger be used. Everything is working - website, the client is receiving and sending email using the external server - but the firewall - ipTables/CSF is warning me that 7 email users are trying to login into Dovecot and that the logins failed. So it appears when they are logging into their email accounts that their credentials are being sent to the server hosting their website rather than the server hosting their email. I am wondering if there is a setting or a configuration that I am missing, where I can stop this from happening.

Thank you for your time.