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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Those notifications come from CSF/LFD, which isn't part of the cPanel product. I am running 102.0.11 on my personal server and I am still receiving those notifications normally. Could you check your mail logs for something similar to this to see if it's being sent at all?

2022-04-25 13:05:09 1nj297-00FUxF-Ng <= [email protected] U=root P=local S=903 T="lfd on WHM/cPanel root access alert from (US/United States/fw1.da" for root
2022-04-25 13:05:09 cwd=/var/spool/exim 3 args: /usr/sbin/exim -Mc 1nj297-00FUxF-Ng
2022-04-25 13:05:09 1nj297-00FUxF-Ng Sender identification U=root D=-system- S=root
2022-04-25 13:05:15 1nj297-00FUxF-Ng => [email protected] <[email protected]> R=dkim_lookuphost T=dkim_remote_smtp [] X=TLS1.2:AES256-GCM-SHA384:256 CV=no C="250 2.0.0 23PH5A0i005295 Message accepted for delivery"
2022-04-25 13:05:15 1nj297-00FUxF-Ng Completed


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Feb 21, 2018
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After the update to latest version of WHM 102.0.11 in our server we are not receiving email notification duing logins
you can also check

  • Home /Email /Mail Queue Manager
see if they are frozen or pending?

Screenshot 2022-04-26 054541.jpg

- Also check in cPhulk if you have check mark enabled

  • Home /Security Center /cPHulk Brute Force Protection

Screenshot 2022-04-26 171857.jpg

also check if ROOT has a forwarding email address to receive emails from [email protected]

  • Home /Server Contacts /Edit System Mail Preferences

Screenshot 2022-04-22 132012.jpg

also in cPanel for user accounts you can enable login notifications and more

cPanel/Preferences/Contact Information

Screenshot 2022-04-26 172939.jpg

Screenshot 2022-04-26 173044.jpg
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