Email on Addon domain - Connection Timed Out


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May 30, 2013
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I have an addon domain on one account - and I have some problem with the mail.

All the mails are apperantly working, but I can not seem to be able to directly access them from an external Client ( Like thunderbird )

When I set up those mails using gmail for example, it works .

Also the webmail ( Roundcube ) appears to work fine . I can access it without any particular problems ( Besides the fact that If i go to I am promptly redirected to - but still, logging there with pass and user works fine for the said mail. )

The problem is - I can not log in from an external , traditional client , like Outlook or Thunderbird .
The error is always :

Connection to server timed out

and it takes some time for the error to appear ( when inputting a wrong address it is instantly )
I tried to restart services ( Cppop, Exim, Courier/dovecot ) - But no help .

my DNS zone looks like so :

Code: 	A 	CNAME 	CNAME 	A 	xx.219.xx.xx
Should I add something there ? and if so - how ? ( Remember . it is an ADDON domain on another account )

Are there some different configuration for add-on mail accounts ??


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Check to make sure your IP address is not blocked by any firewall rules on your system. Also, try using telnet from your personal machine to the system. EX:

telnet 25
Replace "" with the IP address of your server. You can replace "25" with a port associated with a different service as well (e.g. 110 for POP3).

Thank you.