email passwords being written incorrecly?


May 19, 2005
Hi folks,

This is a really strange problem. On a newly installed server I'm having a very difficult time with setting up pop accounts. Passwords are being rejected. The addresses are able to receive email, but webmail and pop access both fail.

When I create an account or set the password, the hashes don't seem to match up. I've written a perl script to compare a hash to a plaintext password using perl's crypt() interface (see below), and they're not matching. I find this a bit disturbing, so I've tried an upcp/upcp --force and it didn't help matters any. I even tried /scripts/fixpop to create the account, but with the exact same results.

Does anyone have an idea about the cause? I mean how can it write the wrong hash? You'd think it would be all or nothing. I haven't tried is cracking the hashes to see whether they're meaningful, but that might take ~forever. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing. :rolleyes:

WHM/Os Information:
WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.2-R119
CentOS 4.3 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0

print("Encrypted password: "); $enc = <>;
print("Compare with: "); $pass = <>;

$test = crypt($pass, $enc);


print("[$test] vs [$enc]\n");
if($test eq $enc) {
} else {