email piping with subaddress


Aug 5, 2010
Hey all. I'm looking to do some automatic email processing. Basically if someone replies to an email, the response would be stored in a database. In order to pull this off I setup an email forwarder to a php script. The problem I'm having is when I add some identifying information in the subaddress section of the email address, the forwarding stops. Is there any way to setup the forwarding that will work with dynamic subaddresses?


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Apr 11, 2011

The ability to use subaddresses for email is documented at:

Email Accounts - Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Here's the text from this document:

Email subaddresses
This feature, also known as plus addressing, allows senders to route a message directly to the folder of a mailbox.

Email subaddresses use the [email protected] format, where username represents the username of the mailbox and folder represents the folder's name.

For example, if you send a message to [email protected], the mailserver will route the message to the Important folder in the [email protected] mailbox.

  • If the folder does not already exist, the system will create that folder.
  • You must subscribe to the folder in your email or webmail client for the folder to appear.
As far as forwarders, one potential workaround is to setup a global email filter:

Global Email Filters - Documentation - cPanel Documentation

You could setup the filter so that if the header matches a specific prefix, it performs a set action. Note that you may need to utilize a regular expression in your custom filter rule:

Help needed with Global Filters (body regex)

Thank you.