email queue problem


Oct 27, 2006
I am a new user. We just set up our server. I see that many times outbound emails just sit in the que for very long. 15 to 1 hour and more. If I go to the panel and force it to deliver an individual email, it does quickly.

What could be the reasons and how it can be avoided? The problem does not happen to call the emails.


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Sep 20, 2003
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Exim has many setting that govern mail delivery. It could be any one of these:

In WHM, first, take a look at Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings -> Number of minutes between mail server queue runs, and make sure it is not set to some ridiculously high value.

Then, in exim.conf (or the advanced config editor in WHM), check for things like queue_only_load, timeout_frozen_after, ignore_bounce_errors_after, and make sure they are set to reasonable sounding values if they exist. There are many more things your config file may have but these are the ones I've found can seriously mess with mail delivery. If you don't know what an option does, you can check on the exim website.
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